Ruby rescues are not slow

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I've heard several times that you should avoid exceptions because they are slow. They are in Java, so I think that has given them a bad name everywhere. The only real numbers I could find are from . His 'plain' test is also missing the conditional that would also have to be executed (In this case, to make sure 5 is not 0). His post is also 18 months old, so I updated the 'plain' test and re-ran it (Upping the runs to 5,000,000). My plain test now looks like:"plain") do
  for i in 1..n
    if 5.0 != 0.0
And my results:
% ruby --version
ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [x8664-linux]
% ruby testrescue.rb
user     system      total        real
plain    4.020000   0.010000   4.030000 (  4.034352)
safe     3.230000   0.010000   3.240000 (  3.238219)
rescue   3.270000   0.010000   3.280000 (  3.289843)
So it would seem, from my completely unscientific testing, that the rescue is actually faster than bounds-checking.