DataMapper Echo Adapter

  • DataMapper

I just wrote a simple adapter that can be used to investigate the DM Adapter API, and debug your own adapter. Its really simple to use:

                 :adapter => :echo,
                 :echo => {:adapter => :in_memory})

Set the :echo option to and options hash or connection uri that can initialize the adapter you want to wrap. This will print out the method calls, arguments, and return values to STDOUT.

query: #<DataMapper::Query @repository=:default
                           @fields=[#<DataMapper::Property @model=Article @name=:id>,
                                    #<DataMapper::Property @model=Article @name=:title>]
                           @links=[] @conditions=[] @order=[] @limit=nil @offset=0
                           @reload=false @unique=false>
 # => [#<Article @id=1 @title="Test" @text=<not loaded>>]

Its on github Example output